Brand Architect

We are an independent branding and business consultancy devoted to consulting for organisations at the highest strategic level. We are focused on creating and managing brands as valuable strategic business assets. Together with our network of leading strategic thinkers, we deliver the combined value of experienced international business professionals and senior advisors to brands & businesses.
What drives us is the need to truly understand a business, the drivers, the market, the culture, the products/services. Using this insight we dig deeper to unearth what is at the business's core. Our challenge, and fulfilment, is the creation of a compelling, authentic written and verbal articulation of the business that delivers real value to the business.
The Brand Architecture establishes a strategic approach to the relationship between the various brands and sub-brands. At its most basic, it helps define the hierarchical structure of the brand framework. The Brand Architecture strategy becomes particularly important when considering a merger or acquisition, developing brand extensions, promoting ingredient brands, evaluating how to leverage partner brands, etc.

We have comprehensive branding solutions.
1- Brand Key Development
2- Strategic Marketing
3- Brand/Logo Development
4- Brand Audit